WOD – Mon, Jan 9

EGO CrossFit – WOD

A: Metcon (No Measure)

Alternating EMOM x 15 Minutes:

Minute 1: 6 Barbell strict press (from floor)

Minute 2: 30s Kipping/Butterfly pull ups

Minute 3: 20 Hollow rocks
►The strict press should be challenging each set, suggested load would be around 70% of your 1RM. The bar is taken from the floor to create more space on the pull up rig.

►Use the 30s of pull ups to practice a kipping variation suitable for your ability, if you are good at pull ups you can set a target between 10-15 reps and aim for that each round.

B: Metcon (No Measure)

In teams of 3, Every 4 Minutes x 4 sets

P1: Row 18/14 Cals

P2: 18 Dual DB push press 22.5/15kg (2xDBs)

P3: 18 Alternating DB snatch 22.5/15kg (1xDB)