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EGO CrossFit – WOD

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Static Handstand Hold Progressions –

A1. Spend 3 min working on Kick to Handstand on Wall (practice), focusing on consistency of each rep.

A2. EMOM, for 6 min (3 sets) of:

Interval 1 – Donkey Kick x 30 seconds (max height, not reps. Be safe!)

Interval 2 – Wall Climb x 2 reps (10 second hold at top of wall climb in handstand)

B: 211108 (Time)

6 sets:

16/14 Cal Row/Ski or 12/10 Cal Assault Bike

6 KB/DB Complex

(1 Dual KB/DB Bent Over Row

1 Dual KB/DB Clean from Floor

1 Dual KB/DB Front Squat)

Rest walk 60 sec between sets