Fredag 200327

EGO CrossFit – WOD

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A1: Turkish Get Up (4 sets x 10 alt reps)

A2: Goblet Squat (4 sets x 10 reps)

With 3 sec pause in bottom.

A3: Plank (4 sets x 40-50 sec)

On elbows.


B: 200327 (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP x 14 min:

40 Double-Unders

20 Single-Arm DB/KB Push Presses

10 DB/KB Dual Row
*For the Single-Arm Dumbbell Push Press, hold two DB:s or KB:s in the front racked position, then perform 10 reps with one arm while holding the other DB/KB in the front racked position. You must perform 10 reps on one arm before switching to the next arm.